Print File Setup

Correct file setup is extremely important.
It may delay your job if you setup your file incorrectly or print incorrect colours, or print pixelated due to too low resolution pictures.

Please supply files as either: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, PSD

Our preferred file type is PDF with bleed (see below picture)

We can convert files from other programs i.e. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, but we may have to charge for our time $15 + gst minimum, charged on time basis.

Resolution should be 300dpi at 100% (100dpi will print pixelated, whereas 600dpi will take along time to process.

Please setup your print ready file with bleed, crop marks (see sample below)business card file setup digital spot printing

Fonts should be converted to curves, or please provide fonts, PC fonts required.

We print in CMYK, so it is best that your images are in this format, although we do convert RGB images into CMYK,  Pantone colours are harder to match (digital printing can not print all Pantone Colour approx. 78% of them).

You may require that a proof be printed first if colour matching is important. There may be a charge for this of $10 + gst.

Supplying Files

We can receive your files via:     Email, USB, CD, DVD

Or if the files are larger we recommend using Drop Box.

Variable Data – How to set up file

Printing letters, flyers or documents with different data on each one. It can be as simple as a mail merge letter with personalised names to something much more sophisticated such as flyers, letters with each individual customers names and addresses on them.