To keep our prices competitive we have selected the most frequently used and popular stocks for our Digital Spot Printing products.
If the stock you want isn’t listed, contact us for a personalised quote.


The guide below will help you make the correct decision for your product requirements.


What does the term ‘GSM’ mean? 


‘GSM’ is a measurement of weight, not thickness. Below is a list of weights and their common uses.


80gsm: Similar to standard photocopy paper


90 – 100gsm: A thicker version of photocopy paper, used in Letterheads and Compliment Slips


115 – 130gsm: Lightweight stock suitable for throwaway flyers and pamphlets.


150 – 170gsm: Moderate thickness paper suitable for higher quality flyers and brochures


200gsm: Between a paper and a card stock this is ideal for brochures in stands.


250gsm: Lightweight card stock suitable for single page brochures and header cards.


300 – 350gsm: Card stock, commonly used for heavy weight posters and business cards. The heaviest we print on.


Uncoated – Matt (O): Similar to copy paper, the ink will soak into this stock.

Gloss: This is a coated paper with a smooth glossy finish.

Matt Art / Silk: This is a coated paper with a smooth matt or slightly silky finish.